Solve the housing crisis The City of Vancouver has been going through the worst housing crisis ever. The majority of the millennials are unable to afford to buy a home to call their own. The crisis has extended from unaffordability of owning to unavailability of an affordable rental housing. Rental property inventory is less than […]



Replace Broadway Subway with electric cars Building housing on campus for UBC students will decrease the demand on Translink with more than 25%, especially on the Broadway corridor. The money saved would be invested to build social and co-op housing. Disallow Translink to replace electric trolleys on Broadway Street with 37 diesel buses as planned […]


Addiction & Mental Health

Eliminating drug addiction in Vancouver In the past 15 years, the City of Vancouver has focused on safe injection sites (harm reduction) & neglected the other important pillars to deal with drug addiction (Prevention, Enforcement, and Treatment). In a way, the City has been using taxpayers’ money to keep the drug business flourishing and enrich […]


Municipal taxes

In the past 15 years, policies and practices of the Vancouver City council left us with the current housing crisis. In addition to its bias for developers at the expense of the residents, the city took advantage of the housing sale bonanza overseas by charging more than 37% of the cost of new housing in […]


Election Reform

To be elected under the current electoral system, candidates’ experience, qualifications, and skills are irrelevant. What matters is how much money they can raise and spend on their election campaigns. In most cases, the candidate with the most campaign funds wins. Election campaign funding at all levels cost less than 0.01% of the city budget. […]


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