Increase rental Housing inventory 1)  The City of Vancouver would build housing on UBC campus to accommodate its students who live in Vancouver and occupy huge number of rental housing units badly needed for Vancouver resident. This approach will increase available rental housing and resolve the traffic congestion along Broadway Corridor. It will also generate […]

Replace Broadway Subway with electric cars Building housing on campus for UBC students will decrease the demand on Translink with more than 25%, especially on the Broadway corridor. The money saved would be invested to build social and co-op housing. Disallow Translink to replace electric trolleys on Broadway Street with 37 diesel buses as planned […]

Provide prevention program to protect Vancouverites from falling into the drug addiction trap. Provide effective programs for treatment & recovery, not just injection sites and keeping the addicts as a wealth generators for the drug dealers. To show my commitment to the prevention policy, I will donate 50% of my salary as a councilor to […]

Meet Hamdy El-Rayes

Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes, MBA, Ph.D., P.Eng. is experienced, inclusive, and passionate about serving the communities in Vancouver. He is campaigning for an affordable, livable, drug- addiction free city.

Dr. El-Rayes completed his doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering and worked in the USA for a few years. In 1990, he immigrated to Canada and since then, he has adopted Vancouver as his hometown. He is running for the City Council as independent to be able to express the will of the people without being tied to specific party’s interests or a special interest group. He will bring better community consultation and reflect the voice of the people at the council.


He is very passionate about helping mental illness and addiction patients. In the past 20 years, he has been studying mental health and addictions with pioneers in mental health and addictions in North America. If he is elected, he would donate 50% of his salary to show his commitment to a prevention program to eliminate drug addictions in Vancouver and make the City’s program a model for other cities to follow.

Since 2006, he has been serving the community in Metro Vancouver in the area of mental health and addictions through his charitable organization, H.R. Mental Wellness Centre (part of El-Rayes Foundation). The Centre has served thousands of mental illness and addiction patients without any funding from the City of Vancouver, governments, or corporations. Its preventive program is based on Dr. El-Rayes’ book, Mental Wellness: A Spiritual Journey, which fills a gap in therapy of mental illness and has been recommended for both clinicians and patients. The book has been helping mental health and addiction patients around the globe.


Prior to his work in the mental health field, Dr. El-Rayes spent three decades serving the community in Canada and the USA as university educator, environmental consultant, and researcher to improve environmental protection and sustainability.

He worked at B.C. Research, he then started his consulting firm, El-Rayes Environmental Corp., which served Metro Vancouver, the Ministry of Environment, and Environment Canada to guide municipalities and businesses to pollution prevention practices and improve sustainability. He helped improve the environment in Vancouver, British Columbia, and other provinces/states in Canada and the U.S. He has extensive experience with municipal environmental issues as he worked at Los Angeles Sanitation District and on projects for other municipalities in the USA and Canada.

He served as Manager of Business and Community Services at Metro Vancouver to help businesses and Metro Vancouver municipalities improve environmental quality, green buildings, and sustainability.

As a university educator, he worked at BCIT and helped develop its graduate environmental engineering program. He also worked as the Director of the Pollution Prevention Institute at Kansas State University to help improve pollution prevention, sustainability, and green buildings in the state of Kansas.

quotes from Dr. El-Rayes

  • I have a long record of community service. Since January 2006, I have been running my own charity from my own savings, serving those who struggle with mental illness & addictions. Its H.R. Mental Wellness Centre facilitated healing of thousands of British Columbians who struggled with mental illness and addictions. I fund the Foundation without any expectations of financial reward or even a thank you from the clients.
  • I was a volunteer with Big Brother and Amnesty International.
  • I am not running for the City Council seeking financial gains or authority, I live modestly and have no need for either. Nevertheless, I am very passionate about helping the underdog whose needs are ignored in our community including those who struggle with mental illness and addictions &  those of low-income whom the City ignored in the past 10 years and drove them to  the verge of homelessness.
  • Politicians beg you for your vote, but after they win the elections, they ignore your interests until the next election campaign. They remember you, and come again to beg for your vote. If you elect me, I will remind myself every day, I am your public servant.
  • In the City of Vancouver, if one kills another, he may go to jail, but if he kills 1420 people in a year (victims of fentanyl in 2017), he becomes a wealthy landlord. That is not the way to protect our citizens from the evil of drug dealers. We need help them by providing better enforcement, treatment, and above all, a mental illness and addiction prevention program.